Sunday, April 5, 2015

Six Months Later...

I just looked at my blog and saw that my last entry was six months ago.


Clearly my goal of documenting my kids' lives isn't going so well.  People are right when they say that parenthood doesn't get easier or harder -- it just changes.  In some ways life is so much easier.  The boys have a lot more language, a little bit of focus, they can play by themselves, they can (sort of) dress themselves, they are learning to use the toilet, etc.  But for every step forward a new challenge emerges like they develop stronger food dislikes, they play rougher, and they want to put on their own diapers!  When I am home with them there is more laundry to do, more dishes in the sink, more fights to break up over who gets what train and more toys EVERYWHERE!  Like my friend says, "You know what they call a three year old?  A two year old with a year of experience!"

I'm not sure how to catch up on the last six months of life but I'll try with a quick list.
  • I got to spend Thanksgiving with my family for the first time in 20 years since I'm now back on the east coast.
  • Aaron and Jeff got to celebrate Hannukah and, by the end of the eight nights, they had learned a lot of the Hebrew prayer.  It fascinates me how they pick up language.  They did not, however, like potato latkes which makes me wonder if they're really my children -- or human.  Who doesn't like potato pancakes?!?!?
  • I read a book!  Yes, believe it or not I actually had time to read a book.  It was called I Heart My Little A-Holes and it was brilliant.
  • I found a babysitter.  She worked for me for about 6 weeks and she was great.  I got time out of the house and the opportunity to go back to the interpreting world.  Then she got a full time job at a daycare center because she was awesome and I lost my sitter.  We miss you, Constanza.
  • I'm performing again.  I'm in a show that is opening soon called "Old Jews Telling Jokes" and it is so nice to feel like I have some of my old life back.  Derek is amazing for helping me make the 7 show a week schedule work.  After feeling like I was under house arrest for the last three years it's nice to go out and do something that reminds me of my B.C. (Before Children) life.
  • The boys turned 3 last week and we had a great bowling and pizza party.  We had about 22 friends and family come to the party.  It was nice to see that we know people in our new hometown who could come out to celebrate with us. 
  • I managed to make photo albums of the first two years of the boys' lives.  Organizing photos is a never-ending, overwhelming job but I'm only a year behind now.  Hooray me.  I think I deserve a medal.  (And by medal I mean chocolate.)  
I'm sure there is a lot more to tell but I still have no memory of what happened last week let alone last month or last year.  We are busy looking at schools, considering buying a home, planning a wedding (yes, it will be official this fall), playing with trains about 12 hours a day, struggling to get Aaron to nap ("He will NOT drop his nap, he will NOT drop his nap, he will NOT drop his nap!"), getting Aaron to go to bed ("Go to bed, Aaron, it's 8:30 p.m." "Go to bed, Aaron, it's 9:00 p.m.!" "GO TO BED, Aaron, it's 10:00 p.m.!!!!!"), going to play dates and digging ourselves out from the snowiest winter on record here in Boston.  Hopefully I'll get some more pictures up soon as well as some funny quotes from the boys.  They're at that age when things that come out of their mouths are sometimes priceless.