Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Grateful and Lucky

We made it.  The boys just finished their first year of school today.  I am so sad to be losing their teacher.  Ms. Long has been phenomenal in every sense of the word.  We really lucked out to get such an amazing teacher and her three assistant teachers.  But time marches on and kids grow up so it is time to say goodbye to Kristin, Shela, Catalina and Becky (as well as Stephanie and  Kayla who were there earlier in the year) and look forward to the exciting world of junior kindergarten.  My boys have grown up so much over this year.  They have learned how to write their names, color in the lines, socialize with other kids, play new sports and more. 

I have learned something too.  I learned why there is a joy to parenting.  Now that the tantrums have stopped (mostly) and the boys' personalities have emerged I found myself looking forward to spending the summer with them.  I have entered "The Golden Years."  It's those years when they are old enough to act like humans and yet young enough to not ask a parent to walk 10 feet behind them when they are out in public.  (Sorry, Mom, for asking you to do that.)  They have a desire to experience the world and they do it in an appropriate way.  This summer I can take them to a butterfly garden or a street fair and not worry that we will have a melt down because the lemon lollipop is too yellow or their hair is too heavy or the Rice Krispies treat is too crispy. 

They have personalities that are fun.  I have fascinating conversations with them and learn things like "97 infinity" is an actual number in their world and that queen bees can give another bee a time out for stealing all the honey.  I've learned from them that somersaults should be done in the summer, falling to the ground is only a short fall when you're four, Donald Trump may have broken then elevator in our building and you have to wait 25 years for your next pretend birthday but only one year for your next real birthday. 

The world of a four year old is complex.

I'm am hopeful this summer I'll be writing about all sorts of fun experiences with the boys and the three of us will have big smiles on our faces.  But just in case, I may still keep the babysitter's number on speed dial.