Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I Love Onions

It amazes me.  It just amazes me.  Children have school personas and home personas that are as different as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  A teacher's experience with our children is often a far cry from what we parents experience at home.  Sometimes I think if I just had 8 or 9 more kids I could use that "group peer pressure to behave" that I'm always hearing happens at school.  Or sometimes I just think that kids should all win an academy award when they turn three years old.  Their ability to act is unparalleled and I swear my kids would beat out Meryl Streep if they were both nominated for "Best Faking of a Tummy Ache."

Last week and this week they learned about vegetables.  A few days ago they learned about potatoes and made mashed potatoes in class.  Then all the kids voted whether it was yummy or yucky.  My kids, who sometimes will take a couple bites of mashed potatoes but won't usually eat it, liked it.  It didn't surprise me too much because mashed potatoes are sorta close to French fries and my kids have been exposed to potatoes before.

The mind-blowing experience I had yesterday came when I picked up the boys from school.  While in school they tasted onions.  Not just any onion -- raw onion.  The teacher gave everyone a bite of red and yellow raw onions.  And you know what?  Both kids liked the purple onion and Jeff said he liked the yellow one too. 

Seriously, kiddos?!?!?!  You refuse to eat sugar and lemon covered carrots for dinner?  You take a bite of a potato latke covered in applesauce only after I beg you and bribe you with a donut?  We get into a fight about tasting a sweet potato that ends up with me locked in a bathroom crying on the floor?  And yet you say a raw onion is YUMMY??? 

Maybe I'll just offer to make dinner for the teacher every night if she comes over.