Friday, November 30, 2012

Adventures In Crawling

It's official.  We have two crawlers now.  Aaron has been crawling for a while.  It has been kind of a crude crawl/drag/hip swivel type movement, but he has been mobile for a while.  Jeff recently became mobile and started crawling very well.  He went from barely moving to somehow crawling the length of our apartment in a minute within a few days.  I guess Aaron then saw that if he didn't swing his leg around the side and kept his knees on the ground he would crawl faster too.  All of a sudden Aaron's awkward slither/scoot/wriggle became a very efficient crawl too.

A couple days ago I felt like Indiana Jones.  You know that scene when he is running through the ruins (I think he was in some ruins...isn't he always searching ruins?) and he loses his famous hat?  Remember?  He reaches under a quickly closing door and grabs his fedora, his most prized possession, at the last second?  Well, I'm like that now.

Apparently little babies learn which rooms they shouldn't enter and decide to have an affinity for those places.  Jeff's favorite place is the bathroom where we keep the kitty litter.  We have to keep the door open so the cats can use their litter box and we have to keep the door closed so that our little munchkins don't get into the litter.  This is like one of those 8th grade logic problems.  You know the type.  It's like the problem when you have a goat, a wolf and a head of lettuce to get across a river.  There is an answer, but you have to be creative about it.
A couple days ago I was washing bottles.  I was keeping an eye on the little ones, but the reality is that my attention had to be split a little bit.  Jeff was at one end of the apartment happily banging toys together.  I washed a bottle.  I looked at Jeff and he was now clapping and smiling.  So cute.  I washed another bottle.  I saw Jeff rocking on all fours smiling at Aaron.  Adorable.  I wash anot --- oh $#*! -- Jeff is suddenly at the bathroom door!  How did he get there???

I threw down the bottle I was washing, turned off the water, ripped off the rubber gloves, ran over to my speed demon and scooped him up at the last second just before his hand hit the litter mat. 

Aaron can be just as devlish.  I swear I turned my back for two seconds to make a bottle for lunch and somehow the little munchkin disappeared from right before my eyes.  Then I heard a wail.  He had crawled between the legs of a kitchen chair.  It's funny to watch him crawl when something gets in his way.  He doesn't quite know how to get over obstacles yet.  Every once in a while he manages to struggle his way over a pillow or a diaper bag, but it's more luck than skill.  This time he got his upper body across one of the little bars at the base of a chair and then didn't know how to get his head back out or his legs across to the other side.  He got stuck in there for a few seconds.  I had to maneuver the chair around his body while holding him, made sure I didn't bump his head and quickly got a bottle into his mouth.  This was just like Indy removing that statue and replacing it with an equally weighted rock so as to not trip a booby trap.

Yeah...I'm just like Indiana Jones.


  1. Just came across your blog while my partner and I are considering adoption or surogacy, and love the pics of your cute boys. They look like they're ready to conquer the world in that pic with them crawling. Have you considered something like a short baby gate or even one of those screen window inserts that you can collapse/expand? Something the cats, if they're not too old, could easily jump over while keeping crawlers from trying to snack on the not-so-tootsie-rolls? Blech!

    Enjoying the blog!

  2. Oh boy... you are in for a lot of trouble now. Daddies beware!

  3. Oh man, I couldn’t imagine trying to keep up with two crawling babies! My one is a handful enough! Looking very cute though!

  4. I cut a small cat port in every bedroom door in our house, to keep kids and dogs out and let the cats get in to places they could hide. Generally speaking, interior doors are cheap, so this isn't a costly trick. Just make sure any holes you cut are positioned such that secret activities aren't viewable; these holes are magnets for kids, and truthfully they really are fun to play with.

  5. I can't imagine keeping up with two babies going in opposite directions. One at a time was hard enough! For the litter, we used a baby gate kept low so the cats could get under it but the kids couldn't.

  6. It's amazing how fast those little limbs can move. Maybe baby treadmill to wear 'em out? ;-)

    I loved your comment on my blog about the Life cereal. :-D Would you mind if I shared it with the Facebook page All Things Surrogacy? They can link back to your blog.

  7. Cats can totally walk through most slat type baby gates or over any other kind. You'll get pretty good at getting over them too before long. Hopefully by the time the boys learn to climb the gates they'll know better than to eat kitty litter. Hopefully.