Friday, May 17, 2013

T-shirts and Evil Spirits

These shirts are cute but they have a little bit of significance to me.  Here is the story...

Being Jewish I grew up knowing that you don't get a baby anything until the baby arrives at your home.  It's bad luck to prepare for a baby before he/she arrives.  I had received a few small gifts during the pregnancy that I quickly gave to friends to stash in their houses fearing that the evil spirits would come if I had a teddy bear or a rattle in my house.  (Isn't religion silly sometimes?)  I understand, though, that in the 21st century we have to do a little preparation before a baby or two arrived.  Derek and I agreed on a starting date that we could bring things into the house.  I think it was February 1st.

In December of 2011 Derek and I took a trip to Cozumel.  It was our last trip before the babies were born - our babymoon as people like to call it.  Our surrogate was about five months pregnant at the time so things were looking good.  Still, my head was filled with all kinds of "what ifs..."

As we walked around Mexico the idea of buying something for our twins was in my head, but I resisted.  I resisted for almost the entire trip, but when I saw these shirts I just loved them.  I remember standing in the store trying to rationalize how it was Derek (who isn't Jewish) buying them, not me.  I planned to ask someone else to keep the shirts until the kids were born.  Or maybe I'd fool the evil spirits by saying that the shirts were for someone else...but would the spirits know I was secretly going to keep the shirts for my kids?  (Again, isn't religious so irrational at times?)

I actually forget what convinced me to buy these shirts.  Obviously the evil spirits never came.  I lucked out and got two healthy sons who, I think, look adorable in these shirts.  Once they grow out of them I guess Derek and I will have to take another trip to a fun location to buy more shirts.  This time I'll feel safe to buy them.


  1. Cute shirts (and boys too)! We are expecting twins in India and have avoided buying cribs and setting up the nursery for similar reasons. One of the nice side effects of the process is that the babies (and one of us) will be spending a few weeks in India before coming home to the US. This will give the other half some time to set up before homecoming.

  2. Cute shirts! ADORABLE boys! Wow they are really growing up.
    THANK YOU for sharing them and your parenting life with us.

  3. LOL. Tricking the evil spirits..that's hilarious. And could those boys get any cuter?!