Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Too Many Pictures

I wrote about all my pictures a while ago and after just 18 months I have too many pictures.  My dream of having actual photographs for my kids to touch has just not come true.  I have learned that Shutterfly is much faster, easier, and more practical than my lofty dream of beautiful photo albums with pictures I have printed and lovingly arranged in an album.  Plus, Shutterfly books will probably last longer.  My photo albums from 30 years ago are all faded and the pictures don't stick becasue the glue has dried.  Hopefully I'll have a few special albums with actual pictures, but I think Shutterfly will be seeing a lot of my money over the years. 

Also, I finally gave up and decided to just post my videos online.  My goal was to find a way to load them onto a DVD and make a keepsake for my kids.  Once again, reality took over and the internet won.  At least now my family and friends can see the videos any time they want. 

However, if anyone has a good method for keeping track of pictures and videos and not getting overwhelmed by them please, please, please share them with me.  I'd love to have a good system.  Thank goodness for Shutterfly and YouTube apps on phones...but other options would be appreciated.

I don't share a ton of pictures on this blog, but since this posting is about pictures and videos, I'll share a few of my favorites over the last 18 months.  You know how families have some iconic photos that everyone knows?  Well, here are some of the "famous" or "infamous" pictures in no particular order...


  1. OMG!!! I squealed at each picture!!! Sooo freaking cute... I can't even handle it!

    John is trying to wrangle our massive picture collection too. We are using google+ but he is dumping both of our phones each week and when he has down time he puts them in folders and I have utilized shutterfly too.. Probably none of that was helpful, LOL..

  2. So adorable! I put the CVS photo app on my phone and get their emails about specials. So occasionally I'll see a sale, upload them with a couple clicks, & then can pick up photos to actually frame and pass out to relatives. My dreams of scrapbooking them (hard copies or online) remain fantasies, but at least we have some cute pictures around the house.

  3. GLORIOUS WONDERFUL BOYS!!!! Fabulous pictures. THANK YOU for sharing the joy!