Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Fashionista

Every morning, when I dress the boys, Aaron takes some work.  He usually needs an incentive to get dressed like an apple or jumping on the bed or (yes, we have started TV) 30 minutes of Thomas the Train.  When he is focused on what he will get you can dress him in practically anything.  He isn't very choosy about his shirt, pants or socks.

Jeff sometimes needs an incentive, too, but not always.  More importantly, though, he spends a while picking out just the right outfit.  I thought I'd show you some of his creations. 


  1. Oh! Jeff is the cutey cutest. I love that hat he wears. And I love that he has to put it on after he wakes up. Like the day isn't going to go well if he doesn't wear the hat for at least 30 minutes after nap time.

  2. LOVE the pictures - what a creative and imaginative little man! :)