Saturday, September 1, 2012

What Will They Be?

Do you remember the Schoolhouse Rock cartoons on TV?  I do.  I loved them.  And for the last 6(?) years I've been a part of a children's touring company that performed a show based on those songs.  The creators of the show have had great success.  The show has been playing around the country and touring for, I think, almost 20 years.  I love the songs so much I bought the four Schoolhouse Rock CDs many years ago.  The four CDs are America Rocks, Science Rocks, Math Rocks and Grammar Rocks. 

The musical, called Schoolhouse Rock Live!, made it to off-Broadway for a run several years ago.  My friend, Melissa, went to go see it with her friend.  She told me an interesting story.  Melissa watched the show and remembered all the political songs like "I'm Just A Bill" and "The Preamble."  Melissa was (I think I have this right) an international studies major.

Melissa's friend couldn't remember the political songs but sang along to "Conjunction Junction," "Lolly Lolly Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here" and other songs about language.  I believe she was an English major.

I have no recollection of the math songs except that the song about eights was creepy.  To this day I have no interest in math.  I can do it, but I don't like it.  Science, however, I love but I can't do.  Most of the science songs are familiar to me but I don't know the words.  The category I know best is the English songs.  It makes sense considering I'm an interpreter who loves linguistics.

I am starting to really believe that, from a very early age, we start to develop likes and dislikes that last our entire lives.

Why am I telling you all this?  Because I'm making a prediction.  Just for fun, I'm going to see if anything that I'm sensing in Jeff and Aaron continue for years to come.

Jeff is sensitive.  When he was born he cried a lot and I joked that it was because he was so sensitive, not because he was fussy.  Now that he's a little older I think he really is a sweet baby and truly is sensitive.  He loves to be held and he nuzzles into my neck a lot.  He likes to have things to stimulate him, but he can also be content to relax on the boppy for a little bit.  Derek moved the baby camera and thinks Jeff immediately noticed it was moved because he pays attention to details.  We think he can talk with dolphins because his cooing and vocal noises are high pitched and sweet.

Aaron has tons of energy.  A few days ago at 1:00 a.m. he had a bottle and then decided to wriggle his way across my lap while smiling.  He is definitely vocal when he doesn't like things like leaving him with nothing to do for a long time.  He loves playing in his activity center.  His eyes pop out of his head all the time to look at things going on around him and find new experiences.  He has an adorable laugh and I've been told by several people that his entire face is so expressive and just lights up when he smiles. 

So will Jeff become a marine biologist who works with orphaned dolphins?  Will Aaron become a globe trotting ophthalmologist?  Only time will tell.


  1. This is so cool. You'll always be able to look back and see what their personalities were like and what you thought they might become.

    My mom always said she thought I'd become an artist....

    Anyone who plays Draw Something with me knows that's not the case.

  2. After the videos Derek posted today, I think Jeff will be your actor. He noticed that camera move because he pays attention to his audience. :)

  3. This is one of my favorite things about having kids, watching them develop and grow and knowing them so well you can say what they will be. Mine are the same today as they were at birth, no joke. Their personalities match the baby that they were. :) They are far from each other personality wise too. Have fun!!!

  4. Great memories with all the Schoolhouse Rock stuff...I'm definitely going to buy those CDs! And I'm sure that your two boys will be wonderful and talented and most likely they will sleep through the night :-)

  5. We talk all the time about how Jude is going to grow up to work with either nature or animals because he could happily spend all day sitting outside and playing with the cats and dogs. Though I joke that when he is older instead of asking him what he wants to be when he grows up I will instead ask him what kind of DOCTOR does he want to be when he grows up.

  6. Hey I was thinking of you the other day. They have the pilot up for the New Normal on hulu. S and I watched it the other day and really liked it. :)