Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Walking and Signing

Yes, it's true.  The boys took their first steps about two weeks ago (within a couple days of each other) and over the past two weeks they have been walking more and more.  Aaron seems more interested in walking than Jeff.  He loves to chase the cats and both Derek and our nanny have heard him saying "meow."  Jeff takes a couple steps but is generally less active than Aaron.  Of course, the day I said that to someone Jeff surprised me by taking about eight steps in a row. 

We think Jeff is understanding some sign language.  When I ask Jeff "Where is the cat?" using sign language he looks over to the cat about 90% of the time and sometimes points.  We also are pretty sure that his crude sign for "more" really is because he's asking for more and isn't just him banging his hands together.  Aaron isn't signing yet but yesterday I would point up and down and he would stand up or crouch down in whatever direction my finger was pointing.  That may not be formal sign language, but I think it shows that he gets that communication can come through hands and body language.  He also says a lot of "muh" at mealtimes which makes me think he's trying to say "more."

So I'm getting very excited that with walking we'll be able to go to the park soon and with signing we'll be able to know a little more about what's going on inside those cute, little heads.  Meanwhile, Derek and I are getting ready for their first birthday which is coming up in a week.  A WEEK!!!!!  We plan to give them a birthday cupcake to destroy.  How fun!  A few days later we'll be having a party with friends and family and a very exciting birthday cake.  (Can you tell I love cake?)  Stay tuned for some pictures of cute babies covered in cake and frosting.


  1. OMG, I CANNOT believe they are about to be 1!!!! Where in the heck is the time going?!?! That's awesome they are walking (and scary too!) I bet you guys are always on the go running after one or both of them, LOL! Wow, so amazing.. Can't wait to see the pictures from their birthday, little sweeties, so exciting!

  2. Walking, signing, first birthdays... that can't be right?!?

    Enjoy those little guys before they are all grown up!