Friday, December 6, 2013

I Love Daddy!

It happened. 

And if I didn't believe my ears, it happened again.

And if I still was in shock it happened again and again and again.

A few hours ago Derek and I were on Skype with his mom so she could talk to the boys.  Aaron has started saying "nana" or "mama" for "grandma" when he wants to Skype with one of the grandmas.  I wanted to show off his new vocabulary and I asked him, "Who is that?"  hoping that he would say her name.

Sure enough, he said "mama" and everyone was thrilled.

Then we tried to get him to say "I love grandma."  What he said was...

I love...........Daddy!

I have to say that was a pretty exciting moment.  Through all the exhaustion and tantrums life with twin toddlers is often a blur, but I'm pretty sure I'll remember this night for a while.  He said it a few times and said it as I put him to bed too.  He also said "I love Jeff" which is pretty amazing too.

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