Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Amazing Day

I started writing a posting that was a little anti-holiday spirit.  Not mean, just a little cynical and sarcastic.  Don't worry, friends, that one will appear soon, but it requires video and pictures so this technology-inept blogger needs some time to make that happen.

As a result, here is a filled-with-holiday-spirit post for your enjoyment.

I just finished watching a so-so movie called What To Expect When Expecting.  Yes, it's based on the book everyone knows and loves although it's more of a silly comedy about the ups and downs of pregnancy and parenthood than any kind of instructional video.  It's the kind of movie where you know how everything is going to end 10 minutes after it started.  I knew what to expect what watching What to Expect..

The post is about the scene when everyone gives birth.  There are several pregnancies in the movie and all the moms-to-be, in true Hollywood fashion, deliver at the same time.  Two characters adopt a baby from Ethiopia and we see the adoption ceremony and their first moments with their child while the other moms are giving birth. 

I admit it...I teared up a little.  Yes, Jennifer Lopez and what's-his-name-teacher-from-Glee actually made me tear up.  It wasn't because their acting was so good.  It's not because the movie is Oscar worthy.  It was because I remember exactly what I was feeling when my surrogate called me to say "It's time!"  We are getting close to two years since the day my boys entered my life and the emotions really are still strong and raw. 

I am constantly saying how hard parenthood has been.  I have gray hair, I stress eat, I have no social life, I'm always physically and mentally exhausted, I'm homebound some days, I've given up half of my career, etc.  I am clearly not living up to my first post when I swore I would cherish every day.  What was I thinking???  No one can do that.  Fatherhood days are filled with oatmeal hair and that one of a kind diaper genie smell.  It's hard to cherish sticky hair and I hope to forget that eau de genie smell.  What I can say for now while I'm at my quiet, clean, poop-free work zone is that I know I truly love my kids (and Derek for raising these boys with me) and how much they mean to me.  That day they were born is still inside me more than I realized and remember that day gives me a wonderful feeling.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder that we need to take time to remember the amazing days our children entered this world. In my house, we are currently going through post holiday craziness so managing to get through the day can be challenging. Remembering those precious moments just after birth can really soften the heart. Happy New Year!!