Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Parents

I just read an amazing post for Mother's Day.  Mike and Tony write wonderful blog entries.  Their letters to their daughter before she was born would often make me cry.  Their recent posting made me want to copy their idea for an entry.

My parents were just out here for five weeks to help with the twins and the move.  Let's just say that I was not always all sugar and roses to them.  I think the lack of sleep combined with the stress of moving (plus other stresses like trying to navigate paperwork for my HR department, car trouble, condo issues and more) put me in a bad mood with a short fuse.  And yet my both of my parents went above and beyond what they had to do (well, they didn't HAVE to do anything at all) and every day came with more things to help me out - boxes for moving, diapers when they saw we were running low, food for dinner, etc.

I am so lucky to have them.  So many people I know have parents who are not there for them.  Mine are supporting me all the time.  Yes, we fight (sometimes more than I hope to) but they are always there for me and the older I get the more I try to make sure I am always there for them, even if I fail sometimes.  As a father now I'm just barely starting to understand that concept of "You'll always be my baby" and "I'll always love you no matter how big you get."  Try as we might, we really do find ourselves saying the same things our parents said to us even if we swore we'd never say it.

I believe one of the reasons I wanted to be a father so badly is because I had a great family.  So thank you Mom and Dad for providing me with the life, love and support that you do.  It has given me the opportunity to create a wonderful home and family life for Jeff and Aaron.  Hopefully I'll do as well with them as you did with me.


  1. I love this Michael. Thank you for sharing these beautiful words with us.

  2. Beautiful post Michael! Your boys are very lucky to have a such wonderful family and an amazing Daddy!

  3. Michael! Thanks for the shout out and for sharing this! As a GIGANTIC mama's boy you definitely had me blubbering. : ) Happy Mother's day to you guys, your mom, and your surro mom.

  4. A very touching post!

    I keep meaning to tell you... everytime I visit your blog, I find myself smiling at the picture of those beautiful boys!