Monday, July 23, 2012

Thank You, Lesley Brown

As much as I'd like to take credit for a fascinating blog, I have to thank Derek for finding this article.  About a month ago the woman who conceived the first test tube baby, passed away.  Click on the link to learn more about Lesley Brown.

I thought the Today show piece was interesting to watch.  I then scrolled down to read some of the comments about this story.  There are a few people saying Lesley was playing G-d and trying to go against Mother Nature.  There are the usual arguments we hear about why this is unnatural or wrong, although at a quick glance it seems there are more people in support of this than not. 

One comment, however, struck me as beautiful.  Someone wrote that we often are born, live, and die without knowing the reason we are here on earth.  Lesley knew her purpose.  Because of her determination and courage to be a part of this revolutionary process as well as the genius of Dr. Patrtick Steptoe and Dr. Robert Edwards, I am able to have children today.  Thousands and thousands of people have been able to have the family they desire thanks to this amazing team.

I am grateful to live in a time when this is possible.  I am also grateful I live in a country which allows IVF.  I am grateful I live in a state in which surrogacy is legal.  I am grateful that I had the funds to do this.  I am grateful there are egg donors willing to help families like mine.  I am grateful I got to work with a sweet, dedicated and wondeful surrogate.  There are days when I'm still in shock that all of these things came together to produce two fantastic children. 

It is unfortunate there are still countries, states, policies and communities which deny people the joy of having a family.  Hopefully that will change.  Maybe one of these babies born through IVF will invent new technology or medicine for reproduction or become a lawmaker who knows firsthand the importance of allowing men and women to use this incredible knowledge we have and will fight for the right for everyone to have access to IVF treatments.  Or maybe, just maybe, a baby born through IVF will discover a cure for a widespread disease, a way to provide clean water to millions, or a new, environmentally friendly energy source which will help all of humanity -- even those naysayers.  Only time will tell.


  1. It wasn't until I started this journey that I became aware that there were so many negative opinions regarding surrogacy, and laws against it! I was aghast. We, as a country, like to pretend to hold this right to choice so sacrosanct; then why the heck should I not be able to choose to carry whomever's baby I want. It's just so ridiculous to me.