Wednesday, August 22, 2012

You've Known My Kids For Over Two Years

I have a very good and very funny friend who recently said something shocking to me.  After talking about her favorite game to play with kids called "Who Can Keep Their Eyes Closed The Longest?" (a game at which she is an expert and my kids are still novices) she joked about how much she is in love with these kiddies of mine and how much that surprises her.  Don't get me wrong, she's not a mean person and she doesn't hate kids by any means.  She just isn't the type of person who typically gushes over babies.  She then went on to say that she feels like she has been a part of these babies' lives for a few years.  And you know what?  She's right.  She is one of my friends who I turned to at the start of this whole process when I was scared and overwhelmed.  She helped me face my fears and continue with this journey filled with life altering decisions of surrogates, egg donors, doctors, lawyers and more.  She really has had a large part in helping these kids come into my life.  She half-joked that with straight couples you usually find out about their babies 5-6 months before the baby is born.  My journey took over two years.  She experienced a lot of the waiting, hoping, anticipation, heartbreak and more with me.  It's something I hadn't thought about until now, but I think it's an important point.

It makes sense, though.  I'm so in love with babies who have been born in Colorado, Wisconsin, Texas, Georgia, Washington DC, Washington state and more even though I have never met them.  Following theses stories makes you emotionally involved and it's wonderful to know many people feel the same way about my children.

So to all of you who invested yourselves in my fatherhood adventure, thank you for being a part of my children's lives when they started as just a deposit to an agency, as they became more of a possibility after being matched with a surrogate and having a contract, when they were teeny, tiny 5-day old embryos, as they grew and prepared themselves to enter this world and now, as they grow up into amazing people. 


  1. We're so grateful to you, Michael, for always sharing so openly and honestly. You doomed us from the beginning...we had no choice but to fall in love with you, Derek and the boys. I'm so excited to watch from afar as these kids grow up. XO

  2. And THANK YOU for documenting everything so we could be a part! :) It's an amazing journey and will continue to be (so keep documenting, please!! :))

  3. I was well into my journey before I discovered other surrogate/IP blogs. Once I found the first blog the avalanche of others began. I am so happy to follow other surrogates because it helps me feel normal at times, it helps me relive my journey and for many other reasons. I am so happy to have found IP blogs because it is incredible to read your side of surrogacy.

    Your friend is amazing for hanging by your side when you needed her. She is also lucky to have witnessed this journey with you.

  4. As everyone has said THANK YOU for sharing your life and family with us! We are equally invested in You, Derek and the boys! I love checking and finding an update from you, you are a part of my family! I remember way back when, when I found your blog through a friend of yours! I immediately went to the beginning and read and I was totally hooked. Yes, PLEASE continue to document so we have our fix of you all! <3