Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I Have To Look Forward To

I saw this posting on Facebook and decided I had to share it with my fellow parents and parents-to-be.  I thought it was so funny.  It's Jason Good writing about 46 Reasons My Three Year Old Might Be Freaking Out.  If I had to predict my kids' reasons for freaking out in two more years I would say it would be these...

Aaron has heavy hair.  He has so much of it it's has to be heavy for his little head.  He also will be upset that the can't won't let him touch its eyeball.  Aaron loves chasing the cats now.  It's cute to watch him watch the cats and, when they're on the floor, he crawls after them.  Once in a while he is able to sneak up on them enough to get in a pet/grab and then they run away after that.  He'll also want to get out of the car by himself.  Last week, when we had a warm day, I took the boys to the grocery store.  While being a good dad and putting some healthy fruits and vegetables into a bag I looked over and saw Aaron had managed to wriggle out of his lap belt, stand up and put one foot into Jeff's side of the stroller.  I'm not sure what he was going for, but clearly there was something that he HAD to get on the other side of Jeff.

Jeff will definitely freak out because he has too much food in his mouth.  When Jeff gets ten Cheerios on his tray he shoves eight of them in his mouth and then gags.  Yes, we have learned not to give him ten Cheerios but even if you give him two or three they all have to go into his mouth at once.  He might also freak out because chicken is gross.  Recently both kids have developed a picky palate.  A couple days ago I gave the boys some boiled carrots and every time I managed to get one into Jeff's mouth, half a second later the mouth would open and his tongue would stick out with the carrot still on it.  Clearly he was not a fan of the carrots.  He also may cry because I picked out the wrong pants.  Getting dressed is quite the ordeal with Jeff.  He has learned how to hang on to the mirror of the changing table for dear life.  He reaches across his body with his right hand to grab the mirror on his left so his torso is twisted.  I hold onto his legs to keep in on his back while he tries to turn over to his front.  Last night we sat there for a minute in a game of chicken.  Do you know how long a minute feels when there is an immovable object coming into contact with an unstoppable force???  Who knew that getting a clean diaper and fuzzy pajamas was such a horrible thing?

What are the reasons your baby will freak out when he/she is three?  Or what's your favorite story of your older child freaking out?  Share them with me.


  1. Rowan and I *just* had a conversation about the living room. After lunch, we were talking about sitting on the couch. (These are the enthralling types of discussions one often has with 3-year-olds.) He said, "In the living room." I replied, "Yes, on the couch in there." He became agitated. "No, the *living room*."
    "Yes, on the couch in the li..."
    He interrupted with, "No! The LIVING ROOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!"
    I countered with 45 seconds of mimicking "MMMMMMM" at him while I drummed out a rhythm on the kitchen table. (Random distraction is a key skill when dealing with little ones. Until they grow out of it. Which Rowan is apparently about to do.)
    He watched me perform, smiling and laughing all the while, and when I was done he got a serious look on his face and explained, with infinite patience, "No, we're going into the Liv. Ing. Room."

    Also, just now as I was typing the above, he came into the Liv. Ing. Room. and picked up a book, which he told me he was going to look at. "Yeah," I said, "you can read that." He replied, "No, I'm LOOKING at it."

  2. Jude also freaks out for pretty much every diaper change/clothing change. I don’t know why he hates it so much, but he screams like I’m poking him with a hot iron. Geez kid!

  3. Teagun, 2.5, is a very sensitive child. Sometimes unknown hostile acts like pouring milk on his cereal will send him into fits of sobs (it was fine yesterday). He's especially picky about his bananas. Sometimes he'll freak out if I peel it. Or if I don't peel it. And don't even get me started on the end of the world that a broken banana apparently signifies.