Saturday, April 14, 2012

Is It Day Or Night?

What time is it?  Is it AM or PM?  Wait...what day is it?  Did I eat?  Did I go to the bathroom? 

Yep...that's where we're at now.  A few days after the boys were born I turned to a friend and really wanted breakfast.  She told me it was the middle of the afternoon.  I thought I had just woken up.  To be fair I probably had just woken up because I had (and have) a habit of passing out in the middle of the day due to the lack of sleep.  I currently lose track of which twin drank how much and when and how many times he has peed or pooped.  It's just a constant flow of diapers, laundry, formula and crying.  Here is a list of 10 other things that I have thought or done in the past few weeks...

1. Entertained a guest with my zipper down.
2. Wondered why there was no Red Eye newspaper -- it was because it is a Monday through Friday newspaper and I was asking the question on a Saturday.
3. Wondered why there was no mail -- it was because I wondered this on a Sunday.
4. Bought the wrong size batteries and forgot everything else on my shopping list.
5. Forgot it was Passover.
6. Forgot I had laundry in the washer for a couple hours.
7. Forgot I was cooking rice even after the timer went off.
8. Forgot if I had showered that day or not.
9. Put conditioner in my hair in the shower and forgot to wash it out.
10. Actually forgot my children's names for a few seconds.

Yes, my children will throw number 10 in my face when they get older.


  1. Sounds like classic new Daddy syndrome! It will get better in a few MONTHS! <3 <3 <3!

  2. Oh, my friend....I have done every last one of those things. And not just when I had a newborn, so what's my excuse? :) You're doing awesome!

    BTW...when I visited the guys in NY, they had a sheet of paper hanging on the wall that tracked diapers and feedings. I found it quite handy as I couldn't even remember when and how much they had eaten last.

    1. We tried that for a while. Everything was consistent back then. Three ounces every three hours and poop every diaper or two. Ahhhh....those were the days. LOL. Now that they're off schedule so much we're just happy to make sure they are fed and dry. We barely know we're awake for half the overnight feedings so I'm not sure I'd remember to document much, but we may have to try to start that again.

  3. This is not what I want to read a month shy of our due date :-)
    Best of luck. #5 was my favorite.

  4. oh boy. I guess that is what we have to look forward to in the fall. Keep the good news coming! I heard it is a good idea to write the pee/poop/feed down but who knows if that works.

  5. #1 made me lol! You are definitely in new daddy mode. You're pretty much in autopilot and sometimes the connections get a little wonky.

    I have to say... bummer to no pictures!!! I suspect you won't forget next time, right?? ;)

  6. they make some tech thingies for tracking stuff. i think one is called itzbeen. never used it but i know some people swear by it. sounds like you guys are doing great!

  7. This is too funny :)
    You can always go back to edit out things like #10 before you tell the kids about your blog. That's what I'll need to do about mother in law comments before I tell her about mine!